Our employee's happiness is directly connected to our customer-first principle.

Responding to a wide variety of needs.The new management style for the 21st century.

Coordinating distribution through proposed business operations and system

“Information Key Station”―We have been fulfilling the role as an information dispatch base that promptly conveys the trends and changes of the nonferrous metals industry. So, capitalizing on the accumulated information, we have been able to establish from early on management systems including cost-cutting purchase methods, or inventory control systems forecasting possible product shortages. Sasano Max is putting in practice the management style through which we promptly inform customers about the development of new products, and propose the use of newly procured raw materials to manufacturers. We are performing consistent business operations ranging from the receipt of orders to the delivery of products; thereby we are supporting the nonferrous metals industry in a broad sense.

Suggestion of the ordering one-stop system of administration

The biggest theme in the store architecture of the franchise chain company is store development. I think that efficiency, the labor saving of each duty in a design, a building, opening and the maintenance, shortening and cost control of the term of works are connected in store development.
It becomes important that I plan the unification (standardization) of specifications, the method of construction of the material to plan efficiency, the labor saving of store architecture and the maintenance.
In the Sasano max, I suggest effective material procurement and offer (One-stop management of the ordering) system to standardization of the store architecture and support the construction of the franchise chain company's original store building system positively.

New Product shapes are made with excellent processing technology.

More complicated standards, qualities, and shapes are now being required for the nonferrous metal products. To respond to the needs of manufacturers, we are taking all possible measures to prepare factories where we are able to manufacture processed goods by ourselves. We are able to deliver all products created making use of state-of-the-art facilities and technologies with our full confidence.
Starting with semiconductor control devices, and also including communications and construction-related goods, Sasano Max is distributing products, useful for various industries. Recently we have received orders for products close to semi-finished or almost finished products such as printed-circuit boards. To respond to these needs, Sasano Max is using different specialty plants that can handle the processing depending on the type of products. Of course, in response to customer requirements, Sasano Max is also able to coordinate all operations necessary for the commercialization of products, including inspection, packaging , warehouse storage, and shipment. Sasano Max is clearing the way for the business development of new products, taking advantage of its high-precision technologies and flexible ideas for new materials.