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The History of the Company

March 1947 Kaiichi Sasano founded Sasano Shoten General Partnership with capital of 100,000 yen at 3-4 Hamamatsu-cho, Tokyo
June 1949 Capital was increased to 500,000 yen. Became a designated agent for Special Alloy Industries, Ltd.
May 1951 Special Alloy Industries, Ltd. was acquired by Mitsui Mining & Smelting Co., Ltd. And was renamed to Oji Mining & Smelting Co., Ltd.; Remained as the agent of the same company.
June 1951 Capital was increased to 4 million yen.
October 1953 Reorganized to Sasano Shoten Company Limited with capital of 10 million yen.
April 1962 Oji Mining &Smelting Co., Ltd was merged into Mitsui Mining &Smelting Co., Ltd, and became the Elongated Copper Business Department of Mitsui Mining & Smelting Co., Ltd.; Remained as the agent of that department.
September 1964 Became a designated agent of Mitsubishi Aluminum Co., Ltd.
May 1965 Became a designated agent of the Elongated Copper Business Department of Hitachi Cable, Ltd.
March1967 Head office moved to a newly constructed building with gross floor space of 1,231㎡ at 3-9-25, Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo
April 1968 Established Sasano Metal Industries, Ltd., assuming all businesses of Sasano Shoten Co., Ltd, including its assets, liabilities, and employees with capital of 150 million yen at the location mentioned above (Sasano Shoten Co., Ltd. continues to exist as an investment and real estate management company).
April 1974 Purchased a lot of 2,715㎡ in Natori-shi, Miyagi Prefecture, and constructed office and storage house with gross space of 492㎡ for the purpose of expanding the business base in Tohoku district. Started business operations in January 1975 at that location as the Sendai Branch.
May 1980 With the death of founder Kaiichi Sasano, his first son, Tashiro took the office of director and president.
October 1983 Shiga Sales Office opened in Yokaich, Shiga Prefecture, to provide services to major customers and to expand sales in Western Japan.
July 1993 Constructed a new head office building and warehouse.
April 1995 In cooperation with the Shiga Sales Office, opened Nagoya Business Office (present Nagoya Branch) in the city of Nagoya to expand services and sales to its main customers in the central area of Japan.
October 1996 Started trading businesses with Shanghai, China, and established a representative office there.
November 2001 Shiga Sales Office consolidated into Nagoya Branch.
April 2005 Name changed to Sasano Max Co., Ltd
June 2005 Acquired and registered ISO9001 (Quality Management System) certification.
January 2006 Moved the head office to the 9th Floor of the Sumitomo Real Estate Shibadaimon Bldg., 2-5-5, Shibadaimon, Minato-ku, Tokyo
July 2007 Established a subsidiary, KAITSU TRADING (SHANGHAI) CO., LTD. in Shanghai, China
February 2008 Established a representative office in Bangkok, Thailand
November 2008 Product Administration Center closed and its operations transferred to the Sendai Branch.
March 2009 New office and warehouse constructed for Sendai Branch.
Acquired and registered ISO14001 (Environmental Management System) certification.
January 2011 Established a subsidiary, SASANO MAX (Thailand) CO., LTD. Bangkok, Thailand
May 2011 Kaitsu Trading Guangzhou Office opened in Zhongshan City,Guangdong Province,China
May 2014 Established a subsidiary, SASANO MAX (U.S.A.)Inc. in kentucky,U.S.A.
August 2014 Handling the start of the convenience store interior building materials.
Septmber 2015 Moved the head office to the 6th Floor of the Sumitomo Real Estate Shibadaimon Bldg., 2-5-5, Shibadaimon, Minato-ku, Tokyo
April 2017 Tashiro Sasano took the office director and chairman
Takihei Sasano took the officw director and president
Acquired and registered JISQ9100 (Quality Management System for Aerospace materials and parts business) certification.