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Material and molded goods

Automotive aluminum materials, components

Product Description:
Aluminum cold and hot forgings, forging cast aluminum, molded aluminum, die-cast aluminum and aluminum clad materials, lost-wax, and sintered alloys for automotive components

Aluminum extruded shapes, plates

Construction materials for buildings, condominiums, and houses; automobile supplies; medical equipment; industrial machinery; electronic components; and others.

Alminum cutting operations, press operations, bending operations, welding operations, assembly, surface finishing, painting/coating, and manufacturing of press dies for fabrication of aluminum can be performed by our subcontract factories.

High-strength aluminum extruded shapes (alloys:7000 series)


Product Description:
A wide variety of shapes can be manufactured using the highest strength aluminum alloy called ultimate duralumin.

Most appropriate for any goods requiring high strength and light weight properties such as automotive components, parts for wheelchair frames, etc.

Precision asymmetrical materials

Product Description:
Complex-shape molded copper articles, which were previously considered difficult to manufacture, can be processed in a shorter period than traditional extruded articles, so it has cost advantages.

Small size heat sink, deformed stick.

Titanium, titanium alloy

Product Description:
Titanium boards, bars, sticks, welded tubes, wires, or flat bars which have the characteristics of being lightweight, strong, and corrosion resistant: Supplies in various shapes such as angled or forged types are available.

Automotive components, construction materials, chemical plants, or for consumer fields (sports, medical, cameras, watches, glasses)

magnesium alloy

Product Description:
In practical use metal, specific gravity is the smallest (1.8 g/cm3), and the strength is stronger than aluminum and iron
The supply in the die-casting,extruded shapes and forge is possible

Electronic equipment (note PC, cell-phone, computer part), household appliance-related (TV, video camera, digital camera) car relations (the engine circumference, seat frame)

Metal Injection Molding

Product Description:
Complex and high precision (±0.3 ~ ±0.5%) metal injection molded (MIM) articles; materials are SUS316L, SUS630, tungsten, and other metals.

Components for machinery, medical equipment, blades, watches, and connectors.