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Lost wax

All manufacturing bases are in China.
Integrated production comprising melting, forging, and processing stages to realize high cost performance.
We ensure superior quality.
We have provided technical guidance to the chinese manufacturer over a period of many years to infuse the very spirit of Sasano Max to let chinese production to satisfy our Japanese customers'quality requirements. (Factories have ISO9001 and IATF16949 accreditation.)
We can handle lots of all size from the smallest to the largest.
It was said that"small to medium"quantity was the handling lot size,as long as stainless lost wax business concerned. However such words are now old fashioned. We handle not only small lots, but also lots of 10,000 parts or more in a month.
We are specialists in proposal-based sales.
Sasano Max sales take our customer's needs as top priority and pay our scrupulous attention to the details.
We guarantee stable supply.
We import the products to Japan via regular sea freight in a monthly basis. We can also handle Kanban(on Just-in-time delivery) parts. The most difficult requirements or inquires are most welcomed!

All irons and stainless steels.